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 New Builds & Remodeling
Design Services 

This is an expert design service for your remodeling needs by a certified project management professional for residential and commercial spaces. 

We can partner with your architects & builders or refer a few we have experience working with!

 Determining your aesthetics and functional needs, planning layouts, selecting materials and finalizing on accessories.

Services are for interior spaces and exterior spaces.  Including backyard remodeling

"You envision it.  We design it!"

Serving Northern Virginia, Washington, DC and Surrounding Areas.

Free Design Discovery Call!

New Build & Remodeling Design Services

Building and remodeling is exciting but can be overwhelming.  After studying the architectural designs, we provide consultations and design services to help create your dream home.

We work closely with architects, engineers, and builders to assist in the design and build process.  We cover everything such as choosing tiles, cabinetry, wall colors, accent features, lighting, and more!

Fixtures & Finishes Service

 Details and finishing touches are everything when it comes to design.


Our certified designer accompanies you during the process of choosing the perfect and coordinating finishes. 


Including selection of carpet, flooring, tiles, cabinets, fixtures, and more.

Modern Interior Design for Kitchens.  Kitchen Remodel design
Blueprint.  Full Remodeling Design Service.

Statement Design Concepts' 

5-Phase Remodel Design Service


Onsite analysis to understand needs and specific requirements for the space.  Including, design ideas, budgets and timeline

Ideally, we also meet with the architect and builders involved in the project.


We begin designing the space based on the consultation, existing space recommendations and suggested of renovations of  the space (paint, lighting, etc).

I will review and discuss changes based on your feedback.


During this phase we create and bring the design alive!  We select and shop for materials, finishes, and furnishings in order to complete the project based on your style and functional needs.  


During this phase we visit the site and ensure the project is moving along in accordance with the design plan. 


Upon completion of project we revisit the site and make sure all aspects of the project design are implemented per customer's vision.

Add any prediscussed final touches in regards to arrangement and decor.

Building a House
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